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Biomat Negative Ions Test Report

This test shows the amount of negative ions that were detected from the Biomat® during this test. Every unit on the test consists of 102 ion/cc (ions per cubic centimeter). Therefore, the reading shows 3,236 X 102 = 330,072 ions pcs/cc (pieces per cubic centimeter).

Why are they called Negative Ions?

Negative ions have a positive effect on people. Positive ions have a negative effect on people. An atom that has one of its normal orbiting electrons removed is called a positive ion. An atom with an extra electron added is called a negative ion. So you see, it’s kind of backwards – the terms “negative” and “positive” are actually reversed. It’s a misnomer that we can thank Benjamin Franklin for. Back in his time, electrons (with a “negative” charge) and atoms were not understood correctly. So we’re stuck in the 18th century terminology, and that is why they are called “negative ions.”

How do the Negative Ions affect the cells?

The human body consists of billions of cells, and each is enclosed by a cell membrane. This cell membrane performs many important roles, and some of these are absorbing nutrients, vitamins, hydration, and minerals. The cell membrane is also responsible for eliminating acidic waste material and toxins. When the amount of ions in the blood is increased, the function of the cell is activated. When there are more positive ions, the cell membranes close and the cell’s ability to absorb nutrition and eliminate toxins is disabled. Through research done by Dr. Tim Tanaka in Japan, it was discovered that when ionization is introduced, the ions in calcium and natrium (salt) in the blood increases, and the blood is purified. The blood then becomes more alkaline. Why is that important? Well for one, cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment.

Health Benefits Of Negative Ion Exposure

  • Complete rejuvenation of the cell channels.
  • Relaxing to the autonomic nervous system, restoring innate healing systems.
  • Acidic blood becomes more alkaline, which cleans the blood.
  • Allergy/Asthma/Emphysema conditions relieved through the dilating of bronchiole and cleaning of air
  • Charges the immune system.
  • Relieves pinched and stressed nerves.
  • Supplies cells with a negative charge, creating a defense against toxins (which are positively charged).
  • They are nature’s antioxidant, which neutralizes free radicals in the body
  • Ionization recharges the human energy field with the exhilarating force of an ocean wave splashing the shore.

Is The Biomat Safe?

Comparison of Biomat Infrared vs Normal Heating Pad

amethyst biomat vs heating pad

After using a normal heating pad for 10 minutes only the surface of the skin is effected. The Original Amethyst Biomat has a much greater effect after only 5 minutes, as it uses Far Infrared to warm the body from the inside out. It penetrates 80 times more deeply than other kinds of heat.

The Biomat is safer than heating pads because there are no harmful electro-magnetic waves. Studies have shown that the use of common electric heating pads may cause carcinogenic cellular activity. The Biomat uses remote computer frequencies that generate far infrared light-waves and negative ions. Heat is created through these natural, beneficial light-waves from vibratory signals, and conducted into the amethyst crystal bed via its high-tech messaging system. This advanced technology works without electric coils, and functions through a state-of-the-art Electromagnetic Wave Interceptor. The Biomat energetics penetrate 80 times more deeply than electric heat.

Unlike an electric blanket, the surface of the pad does not get hot when its turned on. However, once you lie down on it, it begins to warm the inside of your body and the part of the pad making contact with your skin gets warm. When any part of the pad gets higher than the selected temperature, the sheet current is cut off by thermal sensors distributed throughout the pad. It comes with an external control box where the AC is converted to DC and you can adjust the desired temperature of the pad.

Amethyst Biomat EMF protection system
Amethyst Biomat temperature controller

The Amethyst Biomat uses genuine amethyst to deepen healing


The Biomat is further enhanced with amethyst crystals, known for their calming and healing effects. Amethyst crystal  healing powers that can be characterized as purifying and pacifying. Known for its power to detoxify the body from alcohol and other harmful elements, amethyst also naturally produces far infrared rays. These rays revitalize the biological function of our cells to relieve neuralgia, backaches, and arthritis. Amethyst has been deemed as “nature’s tranquilizer” by many health practitioners because of its effectiveness in relaxing not only the mind, but also the nervous system.

The Amethyst Effect was scientifically demonstrated through spectral analysis, which demonstrated a change in infrared light when refracted through amethyst crystals. Scientists experimented with passing far infrared rays through a variety of substances, including various gems, glasses, and plastics. Amethyst was found to be the only substance which clearly changed the spectrum of infrared light. Wave forms mimicked patterns similar to the human voice, according to scientists. While no theory has been proposed regarding the Amethyst Effect, scientists hypothesize that the infrared light passed through the amethyst releases over 20 million years of information which is made available to the human body for healing purposes.

The field of Far Infrared Crystallography explains this effect in further detail. Far Infrared Rays refracted through amethyst crystals organize the light into geometrical patterns with higher bio-compatibility. Korean researchers propose that the addition of amethyst in the Biomat allows for greater increase in the utilization of the beneficial far infrared light by the human organism.

Key Benefits of Amethyst Crystal:

  • Balances and stabilizes energies
  • Calms emotions and stress
  • Relieves posture, bone, and joint ailments
  • Aids sleep problems and insomnia
  • Helps heal the central nervous system and neuralgia





Tests That Demonstrate the Efficacy of the Amethyst Biomat

The Far Infrared Value of Amethyst

Here are some tests that confirm the far infrared value of amethyst. The graph below is a measure of amethyst’s emissivity, which is its ability to emit thermal energy. Test values range between 0 (perfect reflector) to 1.0 (perfect emitter). Amethyst has an emissivity value near 1, demonstrating that it emits thermal energy well.

emissivity test for far infrared

This next report shows how the amethyst used in our Amethyst Biomat emits mid and far infrared energy with high efficiency when heated. The concentrations of heat are around 6-8 (mid) to 10-14 (far) microns. This mixture of mid and far infrared rays allows for even and deep penetration of heat into your body.

Mid and Far Infrared Rest Report

How are Far Infrared Rays created in the Biomat?

The method of generating Far Infrared Rays (FIR) through the Biomat is accomplished by sending pulses of energy (DC-Current) through a carbon ceramic material called the Japanese Kurera’s Super Fiber. As the (FIR) passes through the Amethyst crystals, the crystals emit Long Wave Far Infrared Rays (8-12 microns) that penetrate 6-8 inches deep through the body. Therefore, the rays not only benefit the muscles on the surface of the body, but also all the cells, including blood vessels, lymph glands, and nerves in the deepest parts of the body.


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